The Inner Landscape of Thoughts

29 Sep

Outer Reality is a reflection of the Inner Reality

Outer Reality is a reflection of the Inner Reality

Your body is a representation of your thoughts, beliefs and expectations, just as the world is a representation of the thoughts, beliefs and expectations of the collective consciousness of the world.

Your thoughts are alive and seek expression. Choose them carefully. Your body responds to your mental direction, whether chosen consciously by you or not.

Thoughts of anger, depression and attack can express themselves internally in the form of sickness, fatigue and disease. Your body responds to the internal mental environment you create.

Likewise, thoughts of joy, cooperation and love also express themselves, but do so far easier because of the natural creative aspect of the mind is one of unity and extension not isolation and destruction. Their fruits are happiness, harmony and health.

Creative expression is the source of all things and the mind is the activating agent of Spirit for such expression. As humans, we are learning how to direct that creativity.

Those that dwell on thoughts of anger and attack create to destroy, which goes against the natural order of the universe. For those, life can be difficult indeed, and every obstacle arises to fit with the expected perception.

Release yourself from your creations if they have not served you well. Your thoughts are under your direction. Your perception is largely a matter of choice.


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