Great Gift Idea for the Wine Enthusiast

20 Nov


Michelle and I have used and enjoyed a product called “the Perfect Sommelier” for a number of years now. This device actually comes in two parts: a base to place the bottle upon, and a top to replace the cork. Both parts of the sommelier contain strong magnets, and when the bottle is placed between the magnets, the wine is subjected to the magnetic forces between the two parts. This process of “magnetizing” the wine has been known to produce a mellower, rounder, more complex wine, similar to aging the wine for years in a cellar, in just thirty minutes.

In our experience, the sommelier works on all types of wine, but is particularly effective on any red wine. The effect of magnets on wine has been known for some time, dating back to the early 1900’s when people began serving wine in magnetic cups. It was discovered that young wines and particularly lower quality wines responded to magnetization by softening the bitterness and sharpness of the tannins present in wine. Since red wines are higher in tannins, this makes sense that red wines respond better.

Every time we open a bottle, we always pour a “control” glass of wine and then let it sit while the Perfect Sommelier works its “magic” on the bottle. After a half an hour, we taste the control glass first, being sure to reflect on the nose and bouquet as well as the taste and finish. Without fail, we always notice a significant difference between the control wine and the wine that sat on the Perfect Sommelier. For example, we opened a very inexpensive bottle of wine last night, which possessed a very sharp and tart nose as well as taste. The finish was dry, but also bitter, indicating an excess in acids and tannins. It was decent enough for us to purchase it after a tasting at the grocery store; however, after being placed on the sommelier for thirty minutes, the aroma and flavor changed dramatically. The “magnetized” wine’s nose was far less tart, and more rounded. The taste was also less acidic, and the roundness was noticeable in the overall taste as well.

We simply do not drink wine without using our Perfect Sommelier, and urge you to try it as well!

If you have a wine enthusiast in your family or group of friends, this may be the perfect gift idea for Christmas. Normally retailing for about $47, this sommelier is currently on sale for the holidays at 15% off and with free shipping at

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One response to “Great Gift Idea for the Wine Enthusiast

  1. etre

    February 25, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    Hi there! I followed your comment on my blog and right away went for a wine-related post! Recently, I blogged about the latest commercial attempt at accelerated ageing of wine using electricity:
    Seems like the magnets might help in the foundation of esters as the tannins are softened? Freaky!


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