The Prodigal Son

From the collection, Yearnings © 2004


Day after day, stone upon stone,

I build this stairway to Heaven’s door.

And night after night, the darkness surrounds me,

As I find myself alone, sitting here on these stairs.


I look down and see countless steps

Stretching endlessly to the darkness below.

Memories appear from the abyss

beneath my weary feet, where uncertainty sways.


As the wind rustles, and the looming darkness

Howls around me, I pray to you again.

Again, until the last time.


Grant me, dear Father,

Entrance to your Holy Mind,

Manifest your thoughts to me,

And grant me understanding.


Quiet becomes the wind, the stars brightening to light,

And stairs tumble down to reveal Heaven’s Door.


You have been standing

Outside these Gates for years,

Closing your eyes

And pretending to be alone.


And you became frightened

By what that meant to you —

No one to love you,

No arms to embrace you.


And your fears became visions,

Menacing and gruesome, come

To claim the life now left alone

And beyond heaven’s care.


Running and kicking in your mind

You fled from those apparitions,

Sometimes briefly free,

Always just within my reach.


And you hated me

For not saving you,

For not destroying

The enemy you made.


Yet all along you stood,

At arms’ length, just outside heaven’s gate,

Your hands over your eyes

And crying, ‘I’m lost.’


What loving Father

Would I be if I destroyed

What you made for yourself?

Would you not be afraid of me?


If I suddenly grabbed you,

Shook you and dragged you inside,

Would you not hate me,

Thinking me a shadow in your dream?


No, I have softly called to you,

Here, standing in our Home.

‘Stop playing foolish games,

Uncover your eyes, come inside.’


Moments, just moments

Have passed, and you remember,

That game wasn’t very fun at all,

And so you heard your Father’s call.


Come, now, dear child,

Take my hand and step inside.

I have prepared a Feast for you.

I am happy you have awokened at last.”


Slowly I feel my hands

Raising from my eyes,

Lifting the veil of illusions

That now have become clear.


The stairs have gone,

They were never really there.

I reached for something

That I always had inside.


And in this moment,

The universe peacefully bends

Itself to me, pouring through me

In great waves of ecstasy.


In just one final moment,

Heaven, at last, is here.

Here I find myself Home,

Here I find myself whole.


Heavenly Father, you

Are the Heart of Hearts,

The Center of my Being,

In You I rest complete.


This, my heart tells me, is Heaven.

And in this Place I am Home.

Everyone is with me

and we are never alone.


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