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Review of Clayton Austin Photography

In short, we didn’t like Clayton Melton (aka Clayton Austin), his services, the finished product or his “professionalism”.  In fact, his lack of professionalism started ALL of our bad experiences with him.

We did have a blog set up telling the truth about our experiences, but it honestly generated such a shit storm and he was such an arrogant asshole the entire time that we’ve decided to let it go.  There are NUMEROUS other negative reviews online if you just do your due diligence.  He also has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau – and we didn’t get around to filing a report with them!   If you go with him as your photographer, good luck. no longer is available.  Although we did nothing but share the truth of our experiences with him, it just isn’t worth the karma.

Douchebaggery abounds and there ain’t much one can do about it.  Peace out.


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