The Controlling Frequency of Fear

13 Mar

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


(This post is a rework and repost of a blog of the same title from October 2008)


Energy is a vibration, and the Universe has an unlimited supply.

One of the fundamental laws of physics is the conservation of energy: energy is neither created or destroyed. It does change forms all of the time, however.

Energy is something that each and every one of us has, and our bodies carry out some of the most complex changes of energy observable anywhere in the world.   While we may consciously observe some of these changes – as in digestion, respiration and exercise – most are relatively unaware of the vibrations and complex changes that thoughts and beliefs make.  The vibrations of our thoughts ripple through the universe  in all directions, like a stone tossed in the middle of a lake,  and the magnetism of our beliefs draws upon the unlimited reserves of energy that the Universe has at its disposal.    This is the process of creation, and every one of us is here to learn the lesson of responsible co-creation.

Our thoughts and beliefs can generate and attract certain frequencies, some of which are beneficial for our body and state of mind, while others are damaging, limiting, restricting and poisonous.   Thoughts and beliefs are energy.   Our bodies are an extension of thought and maintain a vibration all their own,  and yet  are in constant relation to the whole universe.  Like a single instrument in an orchestra,  our thoughts and actions are small movements within a larger body of vibrations.

In an ideal state of optimum health, the body’s overall frequency (understood as a personal energy or vibration) is clear and more “in tune” or in harmony with the Universe of energy, or Spirit.  This resonant harmony operates like a magnetic field, and until something comes along to disrupt that magnetic field, the frequency remains clear and unwavering.   In this state, one experiences health, vitality, energy, happiness, and openness.

On the contrary, a chaotic or diseased mind is one that is not in harmony with the Universe, and the body is suffering from a dissonance. Like a sour note stands out in a choir singing in perfect harmony, the mind that is not in tune with the Universe suffers the clashing vibration. This vibration, like an energy field surrounding the body, resonates through every cell, which begin to vibrate at that frequency as well.   The higher, clear frequency is overcome by the lumbering waves of discord – the cells vibrating with negative belief.  Over time, this can lead to physical ailments, mental disorders, mood swings and disease.

The only way that human beings direct energy is through thought, and through the underlying beliefs and belief-structures formed from those thoughts.   Thoughts occur in our minds, not as apparitions that appear from nowhere and disappear again the next moment in to the ether, but as real, rock-solid choices.   Thoughts are chosen – accepted as true or untrue by our minds.

The thoughts we accept lead to larger structures of thought called belief.  These larger structures of belief are more rigid representations of the original thought and, in turn, give rise to future thoughts, which most often seek to validate the belief and the original thought.  In this way, our thoughts reveal a lot about the mental structures we have created in our mind.  Every thought that we do not challenge becomes an accepted belief.  These may clash with other thoughts we have, or they may compliment and enhance them.

Thought directs emotion, not the other way around; and emotion, like thought, is a vibration.

Each emotion has its own corresponding frequency, which is beyond the scope of this article.   For now, let us consider the frequency of love vs. the frequency of fear.  I choose these because they are mutually exclusive.   Imagine thoughts of love as a single, high-pitched and unwaveringly clear sound.  This is the sound of creation – Being Itself.   Our thoughts of love, acceptance, openness, empathy, unity, forgiveness – all harmonic variations of the one clear sound of Life – keep our body and our mind “in tune” with the universe.

On the other hand, emotions such as fear are like deep, long, lumbering and wavering sounds, which clash with dissonance with every falter.  These vibrations do not meld with the vibration of Life.  This dissonance causes disruptions at many levels and the body and mind suffer the consequences.    A mind in this state may think this dissonance is desirable or unavoidable and create belief structures based upon this thought.  In this way, the mind conditions itself to vibrate with the dissonance and reinforces the “reality” of chaos and fear.

Expectations are formed from reinforced thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts have a “magnetic propensity” to attract events, persons and situations that fit with those thoughts. Thoughts of fear and death always attract fearful experiences to validate the thoughts that called for them. That is the nature of creation – a fundamental precept that most of us have been taught to ignore or be fearful of. The vibration of fear is both instinctual for the preservation of one’s life and a source of limitation. It has been used against us to enslave our minds.  This is because fear represents uncertainty and discord.

Our thoughts create our perception and experience.

I take certain biblical passages to mean just that: “Ask and you shall receive.” and “As you sow, so shall you reap.” and “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

Our thoughts direct energy to create a frequency and that frequency, like a magnet, attracts universal frequencies that resonate with that frequency. Thoughts always seek to be self-validating. Watch your mind to see how this works. “I’m sick of x” or “I’m tired of y” can eventually manifest in sickness and fatigue. It is what you are telling your body to react to – frequencies to seek out and resonate with -what your mind wants.  It is the reality your mind seeks.

As my father told me, “Your mind is attracted to what you think, and what you expect to see you draw out of the universe.” He told me of an instance when he wanted to put a walkway in his yard and thought that distressed bricks would be a good material to use. As he was driving with my sister along a stretch of road they have driven down a thousand times before, they started talking about the walkway and where they might find distressed bricks.

He went on to explain that, along that drive, she and he were suddenly inundated by all sorts of distressed bricks that appeared in certain spots next to the road. “THAT would be a perfect brick to use,” each exclaimed as another one “stuck out” in their perceptions. The bricks were there all of the time, no doubt, but it wasn’t until they were thinking about a need for those bricks that their minds were open to the perception of those bricks.   At the level of their experience, the bricks were not there until they were called forth from the universe.  This is the true of all thoughts we choose and the experiences we have.

Our thoughts create our perception and experience. We have been taught to be distrustful of the mind, however, and of our thoughts. This has been by design and has been perpetuated through society by the elite of this world who understand the power of thought and the nature of the mind. In fact, most of us have been through a long period of mind-programming since we were born to separate our mind from itself so that it does not know or experience this truth.

We are taught what to think, how to think, what to do, who to go with, what to expect, what not to expect, what to dream for, what to avoid, how to be “good” Christians or patriots or children, how to be law-abiding citizens, and not to be critical of things going on in the world. In effect, our own creative abilities have been short-circuited by society, religion, schools, media, government, parents – you name it.   Yet when we realize that our thoughts go out like feelers to pull out of the universe what we expect, then we are suddenly empowered and our thoughts are seen as alive.   We then realize that our fears were mistaken and mis-given.  They serve to short-circuit experience, creativity and thought.


Part Two

Fear is increasing in the world.  The preceding statement is both a thought I have and a thought that mankind shares.   Much of the fear in the world lives under the shadow of deceit, ignorance and guilt.  There are a lot of things to be fearful of: cancer, the economy, war, terrorism – you name it. All of these are being manipulated, controlled and amplified to produce a global, mass reaction and a global frequency of fear. Our pastors, our teachers, our politicians, the talking heads of corporate media, and Hollywood all teach us to be fearful and reinforce the global frequency of fear, which effectively locks the planet up like a prison.

The frequency of fear keeps us fixated upon the most basic, fundamental levels of survival and unable to understand deeper areas of ourselves, our psyches and the influences of this world, as well as our own creative source and the inextinguishable part of ourselves that exists quite apart from the perceptions we choose.

Politics and world news are full of things to be fearful of, and those things that cause the most fear generate the reaction those in power want. According to the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, they manipulate events to create a problem, which generates fear and a need from the public for a solution. So they step forward with the solution they had in mind from the beginning and the fearful masses are willing to accept the solution to get rid of the fear.  This happens everyday in our society, and more and more, our society is becoming closed.

In my opinion, September 11th, 2001 is one such psychological attack on the minds of the world. Look at the media coverage, the references to the event from politicians, the ensuing Global War on Terror, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the curtailing of liberties … all of this – problem-reaction-solution – and a huge stage for a performance of shock and awe, fear and death. And all of this amplified by the little box nearly every American has in their living room.

It has been proven that television is a great mind-control mechanism. While the person is watching in a trance, they are actually using less energy than when sitting doing nothing at all. Likewise, their brainwaves are slowed down to the level of hypnotic suggestion, combined with the flashing lights and images to keep you “tuned in.” That is why Time Warner Cable’s logo is the hypnotic eye.  You are being manipulated – your thoughts and beliefs hijacked – for the sake of control and capitalism.


Brainwashing Made Easy

Brainwashing Made Easy


No one wants to feel fear, yet it is there to keep each of us safe from danger. The elite, however, have learned to manipulate that to their advantage. With global media corporations in place, controlled and operated BY the elite, they can amplify that fear quite easily. Turn on the news, open a newspaper and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Fear sells! Think of how much fear has done to our country over the past several decades, beginning with the Federal Reserve’s engineered depression in the 1930’s. Then Pearl Harbor, then the Korean War, then the Vietnam War and the Cold War, then the war on drugs, OKC bombing, September 11th and global terrorism. It’s a big business, controlling your mind.

If you are caught in a frequency of fear, you can be easily led towards whatever solution is offered up to end that fear. Your innate power as Spirit is turned into an instrument of power for them, as you give away your power to feel safe – with their protection. In fact, they’ve got all sorts of solutions:


Afraid of crime? Hire more police and build more prisons.

Afraid of unemployment? Work harder.

Afraid of AIDS? Don’t have sex.

Afraid of immigrants? Keep them out.

Afraid of foreigners? Bomb the hell out of them.

Afraid of terrorism? Restrict civil liberties.

Afraid of chaos? Support the status quo.

Afraid of failure? Don’t take chances.

Afraid of being alone? Conform.

Afraid of going to hell? Obey the Church.

Obey. That is the name of the game of control. And controlled you are if you do not recognize how innately powerful, creative and safe you really are. This life is not all you are, but it is everything you’ve been taught to believe. Who taught you? What is the source of this “knowledge”?  Under all of our thoughts and beliefs is the Source of thinking itself.

Ultimately, all fear is fear of death – and death is the ultimate form of control. Images of death abound in today’s society, glorified by Hollywood and taken to extreme and grotesque levels, saturating our news and intruding upon our lives through measures of control to prevent our untimely death. Think about it.

The Politics of Fear utilized by the White House and certain members of Congress is an attempt to control you, plain and simple. Real and engineered events will occur to validate that fear and keep its frequency strong. Buildings collapse, bombs explode and “terrorists” are being watched for everywhere you go. In fact, you may be held in suspect. You should be fearful of your neighbors, too – they might be the next militant jihadist. Terrorism, political and economic, is the name of the game for the elite right now, as they can use it to instill fear, get the masses to conform, and exercise an increasing amount of control, coercion and restrictions upon freedom.

Fear is maintained through lies and deceit and I’ve had all I can take, especially from our government. There are few among us who do not believe that politicians are liars, yet we believe them when fear is involved. That is why, on the path for the search for Truth, we must, of necessity, come face to face with our thoughts, beliefs and fears. Before we can resonate with the Truth, all of the dissonant beliefs must be seen for what they are in the light of day and discarded. The illusions must be exchanged for the truth.  Our fears must be dispelled before we see how ultimately safe we are.

That is the process of waking up.

Are you “awake”?


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10 responses to “The Controlling Frequency of Fear

  1. Bill Bergin

    November 25, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    I was born a positive thinker. However, I just had neck surgery and the healing process is a slow one. The medications seem to allow the negative fears to slip in. I am winning the battle with positive thinking but it isn’t always a simple chore. Good article. Way to cover a lot of ground.

  2. withonebreath

    November 25, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    Thank you, Bill. It IS always a lot easier said than done, so keep thinking positively. I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery. It’s understandable that this type of healing will be slow and uncomfortable. ~ WOB

  3. elaineinnyc

    March 17, 2009 at 9:53 am

    In this world, there is so much to be feared of. No need for me to go into it as we all know what they are. I was gripped by the fear of job loss that caused me to stop thinking creatively and positively what I could do to ensure I would be ok if I were laid off. I’ve learned a precious lesson from it.

    Recently, I’ve found and joined a wonderful group on Facebook that my friend told me about, Fun Not Fear. It advocates creativity and creating fun in our lives. Please come check it out and join the group so we can tell fear to go take a hike.

  4. Scott

    July 17, 2012 at 6:57 am

    Great article – you hit the nail on the head. Here’s some “meat” for you to chew on – all living matter emits coherent light which has been termed biophotons. Fritz Popp has shown that wildcrafted food sources which have been unadulterated by humanity contain the most coherent light followed by organic produce (1/2 the coherency) and commercially grown produce (1/5th the coherency). Diet is extremely important to coherent thought processes. A good article which you might enjoy is . Although the study isn’t exactly done with fresh foods right from the plant it is many steps above the current western diet. The results are very telling. If you decide to dig into diet and consciousness I can lead you to some great material to get you started – just let me know. Thanks again for the great article and the keen insight.

    • AJ

      July 17, 2012 at 7:16 am

      Very interesting information, Scott! Glad you liked this post – it’s a couple years old now and I’m happy yo learn that someone is reading it! Now I’m off to check out your link and hopefully learn more about this coherent light subject. Thanks!

  5. Scott

    July 17, 2012 at 7:24 am

    PS – The “elite” that may or may not intentionally use fear against the masses are only doing so because the fear each of them harbors inside themselves. As Christ said – “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven”. At the end of your post entitled “The Prodigal Son” is says that “everyone is with me” – this is truth. The apostle Paul stated that it’s not the leaders but the principalities of darkness. You mentioned that “We have been taught to be distrustful of the mind, however, and of our thoughts. This has been by design and has been perpetuated through society by the elite of this world who understand the power of thought and the nature of the mind.” SEE THAT! You’re current perception. Is it possible that if we begin to believe that the “leaders” are actually doing the best they can for the people that that is what will begin to enter our perception – much like you dad and his bricks. When we hate politicians to we manifest situations that perpetuate that hate. Is it the “elite” that are creating this reality or is it all of us through our inability to remove the scales of darkness from our own eyes? I have been down the road of exposing political misdeeds but in the long run found that misdeeds are not truth – love is truth – so why would I give my consciousness over to “misdeeds”. My personal search for truth has brought me to the conclusion that none are guilty and all are actually doing the best they can with the clarity of consciousness which they possess. This has in turn led me to seek simple solutions that aid in clarity/coherence of consciousness which has in turn lead me to diet. Peace be with you my friend and keep walking to Good walk and you will find what you are looking for so long as you don’t pause to long on one “agenda” -)

    • Monique

      August 5, 2012 at 10:42 pm

      the article was already amazing…but this comment right here….just blew it over the top for me. Everyday I’m understanding the word of God practically through people like you and the author of the initial post. Thank you all for sharing. This is what light and love is about. Just imagine everyone who is protesting against the government and “exposing” the governments agendas…would all of a sudden change their minds and begin to believe that all leadership is “doing the best they can for the people”….WOW. I think i’ll go somewhere and begin to “think on purpose”…lol

      • AJ

        August 6, 2012 at 5:15 am

        Thanks for your comment, Monique. I have to respectfully disagree with both you and Scott. While it may be my “current perception” to think governments – and specifically the U.S. government – use fear to manipulate the masses, this doesn’t mean that perception is inaccurate. Thinking that certain evils don’t exist does not will them away. Sure, there are many in government who are doing the best they can the best way they know how. There are many who know their actions and intentions are hidden and corrupt and, unfortunately, are driving this nation towards a cliff. Years ago, I watched The Secret. The author stated that public protest against government only increases it – as if to say we should just let bad things happen. I would hate to see this world if we all truly adopted that mindset – one that I believe is castrating for the power and conviction spiritual human beings have and hold. So much can be excused away by saying, “oh well, they’re doing the best they can.” Before I was shown the extent of government corruption in our lives, I was a lot like Scott. My quest for truth and my constant prayers to see things more clearly led me to open my eyes to the Beast of government and how mankind is systematically locked up spiritually by the “powers” of this world. I was shown that to be truly effective in helping others see their Light, it’s necessary to confront the problem at a political level, too. One can become overtaken by the “patriot movement” and fear, anger and violence can increase in one’s life – but I am grateful that my journey led me here only after I had a strong grounding in Truth. I point out the lies and evil intentions of government because that is a fundamental part of our existence here – one that, unfortunately, aids in keeping the awareness of Love and Truth locked away from our awareness. Each of us is here because we have forgotten Who and What we are and this is the place where our illusions are granted reality, to be played out in experience until we choose to see the Truth. There are many layers to deception and illusion. Government and politics are just one aspect. When all is said and done, the only thing that remains is the Love of God – the most fundamental aspect of ourselves and the only reality. All else is perception – a dichotomy of subject and object built upon the illusion of separation, isolation, and death. We are at home in Heaven collectively dreaming this world of difference and conflict. This is a choice we make continually – to not see the Source of power within us – as is the choice to let government and society usurp that power in many ways. My goal in writing this was not to increase fear or blame government. Separation and the condition of perception is a choice – I want to illuminate that choice and expose how insane it really is.

  6. Scott

    July 17, 2012 at 7:27 am

    PS – sorry about the misspellings in my last post.

  7. David

    September 23, 2014 at 9:40 am

    You will know the truth. And the truth will set you free.


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